Developing strength, physical conditioning and body awareness at a young age is a very important step into becoming a fit and healthy adult. Our strength and conditioning club offers a structured program to help ALL children from 5-15 years develop the strength, physical conditioning and body awareness to be fit and healthy for the rest of their lives


Speed & Agility are paramount to the success of athletes in almost all sports. As coaches and Fitness Professionals, we are charged with improving our athletes performance on the field or the court. In Competitive sports, the faster and more agile players on the field or court have a distinct advantage over the competition. The ability to accelerate or change direction can often be the difference between defeating an opponent and being defeated.


Why do Strength & Conditioning Training?

  • Injury Prevention
  • Allows enhanced performance
  • Improves their movement competence
  • Movement towards becoming robust athletes

Benefits Strength & Conditioning Training

  • Increased Muscle and connective tissue strength
  • Increased bone density
  • Strength, Power, Speed will increase
  • Help improve Cardio Vascular composition
  • Reduce their fat levels

What qualities do we want young athletes to develop?

  • Postural Strength
  • Mobility, flexibility and strength
  • Able to extort force and develop that key quality for sport performance power
  • Improve their running technique and efficiency
  • Movement with poise, economy and confidence

Children and Weights – The Myths and Reality

Many youngsters haul half their body weight when carrying their school bags – Daily Mail article(s)
One Myth that is rightly fading away is that its harmful for children to lift weights. Children lift weights daily, without even realising it. The main weight they carry daily is their school bag(s)

For most parents, it’s an achievement to get the children to school in time with everything they need (homework, the signed consent forms, the right sports kit, musical instruments, the cake for the charity fundraiser).But it seems we should also now be weighing their school bags. The combined weight of everything they are having to carry to and from school is causing growing concern among back specialists.

Eighty per cent of children in the UK regularly carry bags that are up to 20 per cent of their body weight on their back, according to research from the charity BackCare.
Studies show children should not carry any more than 10 per cent of their body weight and that anything over 15 per cent can be damaging.

That is why I, and my peers/mentors, believe it is so important for children to regularly exercise and S&C training helps. The direct benefits are FMS Movement, Bone density, Body composition, prevention of injuries, Increasing performance, and improving posture. Strength & Conditioning helps to provide the pillars that our children need throughout their lives.

Children are Becoming Less Active

Children’s physical activity levels have been in decline for a number of years, due to our modern lifestyle and the emergence of screen activities such as TV, games consoles, iPads and Mobile phones. The link to physical activity levels and the risk of a number of health issues such as diabetes, stroke, obesity CV disease and mental health problems is well documented. This is even more worrying as currently 1 in 4 primary school children classified as overweight, with the trend suggesting it will soon be 1 in 3.

… Lets make a change…

Lets motivate our kids to be active !

Improving Fitness through Movement and Games

Fitness can be advanced using the fundamental movement skills organised through mini-games or cooperative games, body weight exercises and movement circuits. We will look to advancing the fundamental movement skills and the general fitness of children through these varied methods. Prior to the onset of puberty, children can improve in all fitness components. The key components of fitness include:
•    Strength and Power
•    Speed, Agility and Endurance
•    Flexibility and Mobility
•    Movement Skill
Improvements in these components of fitness occur due to
a) normal maturation resulting in physical growth and development and
b) involvement in physical activity be it general activity or programmes of physical activity and sport.


Certified Speed & Agility Specialist – An Overview

Speed and agility are more visible and important now than ever before with a growing emphasis on combines and timed measurables to evaluate performance.

The prevalence of Sports Specialization has created new challenges for coaches when it comes to programming.

We specifically identify and coach relevant to the different populations that are in front of us. We can put together specific training programmes from 6 weeks to an intensive 12 weeks in which we cover Biomechanics, Form, Teckers, High Velocity Reactive Drills and Overspeed Training. We also suit programmes to In-Season, Pre-Season and Out-of-Season training.

Speed & Agility – Teaching Fundamentals and Correct Mechanics

We incorporate fundamentals of speed and agility within our programs / circuits. We teach how to apply this information in practice to optimise all of our superstars performances.

In our 6 week programme we look to teach

Lateral/Linear Acceleration, Top Speed mechanics, Deceleration/Re-acceleration & Cutting, Power – Jumping, Leaping, Hopping and Landing.

Our more intense 12 week programme will be split into 3 Phases

Phase 1   Biomechanics, Form and Technique (teckers)

Phase 2.  High Velocity Reactive Drills

Phase 3.  Overspeed Training



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