Area 515 Fitness are looking to introduce Fitness & Fun in schools, introducing our student-athletes to Physical Literacy, Physical Competence and Functional Strength & Conditioning, in a Circuit and games based scenario – that develops the student as a person. They will learn how to perform key movements safely and effectively, in order to reduce the risk of  injury and to improve their overall performance.

Everyone can benefit from regular exercise. Children who are active will –

  • Have Stronger Muscles and Bones
  • Have leaner bodies
  • Decrease their risk of developing type 2 Diabetes
  • Have lower blood pressure
  • Helps to build confidence
  • Manage Anxiety and Depression
  • Increase Self-Esteem and Cognitive Skills
  • Increase their concentration skills

Exercise releases endorphins – So an Active child is a happier child



If you have ever watched kids on a playground, you have seen the 3 elements of fitness in action

Endurance – When they are playing ‘it’ and are running away from the kid who is ‘it’

Strength – As they attempt to tackle the monkey bars

Flexibility – When they bend down to tie their trainer or shoe laces.
Area 515 Fitness aim to encourage all children to do a variety of activities, so they naturally work on all 3 elements

Endurance –We achieve this through the aerobic exercises we deliver

Strength – Again  we deliver this element when children perform push-ups, stomachcrunches, climbing walls etc

Flexibility – We approach this element through general stretches before/after exercise as well as working on agility during.



Give Your Kids the Edge Over Other Schools

Our aim and ambition is to work with schools and look to integrate Strength & Conditioning into the PE curriculum. Area 515 recently joined the cause as an Ambassador of children exercising in Schools – up to 1 hour per day !

Children who exercise 1 hour a day:


  •     Can improve their academic scores up to 40%
  •     Disciplinary issues are reduced in the classroom and at home
  •     Experience less stress, depression, suicide, ADHD and they sleep better
  •     Have higher self-esteem, are less susceptible to bullying and are less likely to bully
  •     Healthier children make better food choices
  •     They will become healthier and more productive members of our society, which will reduce our nation’s health care expense and help the U.S. in a competitive world.

Physical Literacy Explained…

This is basically where children master Fundamental Movement Skills to allow them to move confidently and with control, in a wide range of physical activity situations



How Can Area 515 Help Senior Schools?

To fulfill the Duke of Edinburgh Awards requirements, your child needs to complete a ‘Physical Section’ for 3 or 6 months (Depending on the award)

Whether you already play in a team, or not, Why not sign up to Area 515 Classes for

3 / 6 months and this will count as your Physical section.
Besides helping to complete your Award Section, we will also make you become Fitter and Stronger – which will additionally help you complete the Expedition Section too ! 

There are 3 levels of ‘Awards’ you can do which, when successfully completed, lead to a Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. The main differences between them are the length of time they take to complete, how challenging they are and the minimum age you can start.  Area 515 could assist you with either the Bronze and/or Silver Awards



(14 Yrs+)
Volunteering Section – 3 Months
Physical Section – 3 Months
Skills Section – 3 Months
Expedition Section – 2 Days / 1 Night

** You also have to do 3 months more in one of the sections above – So 2 sections for 3 months and 1 section for 6 months **



(15 Yrs +)
Volunteering Section – 6 Months
** Physical & Skills Sections – One section for 6 Months and the other for 3 Months
Expedition Section – 3 Days / 2 Nights

If you did not do Bronze, you must undertake a further 6 Months in either the Volunteering or the longer of the Physical/Skills Section.

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